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Terms of domain selling

Terms of domain selling

This document details the terms of domain selling on Dropped.pl.

Possibility of auction listing

User may list an auction or make Escrow transaction of any domain name registered at one of companies listed in Terms of use, on following conditions:

  • Expiration date of domain is not earlier than 30 days from listing auction time.
  • Domain is not under transfer to another registrar.
  • Domain is not already listed on an auction nor actually being sold on an Escrow transaction.

Selling domains on the marketplace

Placing a domain listing on the marketplace with a "Buy it now" price, or accepting a received purchase offer, indicated a legally binding offer to sell the domain at a specified price. Failing to complete the domain selling transaction will result in charging penalty fees according to the price list.

Domain ownership transfer

User listing an auction or starting an Escrow transaction agrees transfer of the domain ownership to the website owner upon successful transaction completion (i.e. receiving funds from the buyer), in order to transfer the domain to the buyer. Upon this ownership transfer, the website owner will deposit funds for the domain into seller's account.

Non-transferring the domain to the buyer

In case of domains not registered with Dropped.pl, the selleris required to transfer the domain to the buyer after receiving confirmation of buyer's payment, on the following deadlines:

  • AuthInfo code must be provided within 14 days.
  • Domain push to buyer's account at external registrar must be done within 5 days.
  • Confirming the domain transfer (ordered with provided AuthInfo code) must be done within 5 days.

Failure to comply with the above deadlines will cause charging a penalty fee to seller's account.

Price manipulation

Manipulating prices and offers in an auction, including but not limited to bidding in own auction from another account, is prohibited. Website owner asserts the right to block accounts participating in such schemes, as well as to decrease earning of sellers by amounts resulting from such manipulation.

Outside sales

Transactions for domains put for sale on Dropped.pl and for which purchase offers have been received there must be finished on the website. Rejecting offers in order to contact the buyer for a transaction outside the website will result in charging double fees for domain sale.

Dispute resolution

In case of domains sold via push to buyer's account at registrar other than Dropped.pl, the buyer is required to report any arising problems with the trnasfer within 5 days of receiving confirmation of the domain transfer. After that period, the transaction is considered final.

If the buyer puts the transaction in a dispute, the transaction will be examined by Dropped.pl arbitrator, who will decide on the outcome of the transaction. The arbitrator's decisions are final. The arbitrator can charge a penalty fee from the party responsible for transaction failure.

Modifications of auctions and offers

Modifications and cancellations of offers placed on auctions, as well as auctions themselves, are not possible. All offers of selling or buying in the auction system are legaly binding.

It is possible to delete auction in the first hours after its saving in the system, when there are errors in the data (for example, its minimal price). After that time the auction is listed on the website and modifications are not possible, except emergency cancellation which is requires paying a fee according to the price list.

Auction categories

Website owner reserves the right for changing auction placement in categories, if the categories chosen by the seller do not correspond with the domain character. Such decision is made by the website owner only and may not bo contested.

Fees and commisions

Selling a domain is subject to a fee specified in the price list. The fee is automatically deducted from the amount transferred to the seller.

The funds from domain sales are added to the domain registration account of the seller. From there, it may be paid out to their bank account or used for registration or renewal of other domains.

Payment for promotion services

Payments for promotional services, such as displaying the auction or sale offer on the main page, are charged up-front and are not refunded if the promotion cannot be continued due to external circumstances (for example the domain expires or is sold). In the event that the more promotion offers are received than the number of slots available, the website owner reserves the right to select the method of choosing displayed offers (randomly or by auction end time).

Invoice generation

Users who sell domains via the website agree to have invoices automatically created on their behalf by the website owner.